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Introducing EIZO to your HDR video workflow

EIZO's HDR monitors have experienced huge success over the past couple of years. Their ColorEdge Prominence CG3146 is widely regarded as one of the best HDR monitors on the market, and in fact their entire CG series of monitors have been acclaimed for the accuracy of their software-driven approach to colour calibration (they’re internally calibrated with LUTs, giving 100% compliance with the selected colour space), the convenience of their internal calibration probes, and their user-friendly management software.


Liz Sunter

And these things aren’t tacked on as gimmicks: EIZO do them really, really well. Not only will CG monitors self-calibrate, but you can schedule a regular update during known downtime (say 3am), at which point the monitors power on, come to temperature, calibrate, produce a report so you can track how the panel is ageing, and then power down again. EIZO’s own management software, ColorNavigator, is far less clunky than other vendors’ software , supports LUTs and is compatible with LightSpaceCMS, CalMan and other industry standards.

Even though the whole range is very well thought of, the model that's right for you will depend on what you're trying to do. We asked our monitoring expert Phil Crawley to make some recommendations.


EIZO ColorEdge CG279X self-calibrating monitor with hood

“Like many edit suite monitors, this panel is natively HD resolution, but it has better support for a wider colour gamut and HDR standards than most. It can faithfully display both the Dolby Vision-PQ curve and the HLG gamma (the HDR standards employed by Netflix and BBC/broadcasters respectively), but is not considered a Dolby mastering monitor as it can’t reach the 1000 Cd/m2 required. 

If you want to do anything short of grading for HDR delivery, it allows you to stick your toe in the water – try it in edit and review suites (its 178 degree viewing angle means you and the client can share the screen without any change in the image, and support for I/P conversion makes for flicker-free display), or as part of an assistant’s setup.”

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EIZO ColorEdge CG319X 4K HDR video editing monitor

“This can do HDR work like the CG279X (although again, it’s not quite bright enough to use as a Dolby mastering display) but is a native 4K/UHD display. Many people only consider this monitor if native 4K/UHD/HDR editing is on their roadmap, but actually both this and the CG247X provide better quality Rec. 709/1080 monitoring than more expensive OLED type displays.

”A key thing to remember about this and the CG279X is that they both connect over DisplayPort, and you'll want to be using DisplayPort or HDMI input when you're working at high resolutions and bit depths. However, you can downgrade the input for the sake of convenience – you'll just need a convertor to connect to an SDI setup, or an adaptor if you want to use them with a USB-C equipped-Mac." 

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“The CG3145 is EIZO’s flagship HDR monitor. It's the successor to the CG3145, which made inroads into high-end production and post environments when Sony’s popular X300 and X310 ran into supply issues during the 2018 World Cup. But that’s not to say it’s second best – customers who’ve used this monitor have reported lower rates of burn-in than other HDR grading monitors, and Dolby recommend it for use across the full Dolby Vision workflow.

“There’s also the aforementioned integration with LightSpaceCMS. It's very tight compared to that of other large HDR monitors, which tend to eschew LUT management and only offer traditional primary colour adjustment. EIZO ColorNavigator allows LUT upload, too – any standards not supported today (SLog3, Clog2 etc) are easily imported via LightSpace.

“Other broadcasters have already signalled their approval of the range: the CG3145 was the first HDR monitor in the world to have its HDR and SDR reproducibility evaluated and awarded by the German Broadcast Technology Institute, has recently been certified as a Dolby Vision mastering display, and has Netflix's blessing.”

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To find out more about the EIZO lineup, including the latest pricing for the CG3146, get in touch with the team on the details below. Not working in video? Take a look at our EIZO recommendations for print and digital work, or our guide to the rest of the ColorEdge range.


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