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Increase the efficiency of your production and post workflow with Cinedeck’s video servers and insert-edit technology.


Increase the efficiency of your production and post workflow with Cinedeck’s video servers and insert-edit technology.

Cinedeck products

About Cinedeck

Cinedeck are all about making your video workflow more efficient.

That could be with their flexible and versatile multi-channel video recorders that allow you to work on any project, regardless of how big or complex it is, and give you greater control over video recording live events and multi-cam projects.

Or it could be with their cineXtools software that eliminates the need for complete show exports and QC sessions to make tiny fixes. cineXtools enable editors to make changes to shows not in hours or days, but in minutes, and to directly edit the flat files with no exporting or QCing needed.

Jigsaw24 and Cinedeck

We’re your source for all things Cinedeck, be that advice on which cineXtools modules you need, hardware and support, or consultancy on the design of your playout workflow.

Our experienced engineers have worked for some of the UK’s top broadcasters and post facilities, so understand the day to day demands of the studio and will help you develop a solution that delivers top performance in real-world scenarios, not just in theory. 

The Cinedeck range


Cinedeck’s cineXtools are a modular series of applications designed to make your deliverables workflow as efficient as possible – using Cinedeck’s patented insert-edit technology.

One of the major advantages of film was the ability to splice material into an edit without needing to re-export, re-QC or re-render the whole project. cineXtools brings that functionality to digital workflows, allowing you to set specific in and end points and only change the section between them.

Find out more about individual cineXtools modules in our store.


ZX Server

With support for 4K and IP workflows, the ZX is a versatile, futureproof playback and recording server that will support all the codecs and software add-ons you need to embrace cutting-edge workflows. 

Available in a range of powerful hardware configurations, the ZX can be customised to meet your specific needs. Choose your model based on pipeline stage (ingest, playback and post-production models are available), network (IP or baseband SDI) and resolution (SD to 4K). 

To see the ZX in action, book a live demo with our team.

ZX Server

RX2 for VTR

Cinedeck’s RX2 is a digital replacement for traditional VTRs, offering the same functionality in a compact, low footprint unit that’s perfect for cramped studios, OB vans and live environments.

The RX2’s clear, fully-featured UI is designed with speed and accessibility in mind. It supports standard codecs in every quality and wrapper combination, including: ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD, AVC-lntra, DVCPRO HD, H.264, IMX (D10), with H.264 UHD and 4K recording up to 30P also available if you opt for an extra GPU card.

To see the RX2 in action, book a live demo with our team.

RX2 for VTR

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