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Jigsaw24 and EcoVadis

Ana Perez

Sustainable development is becoming a more common concern for companies, and this is making business sustainability ratings services like EcoVadis a very popular solution. Jigsaw24 has been a proud member of the EcoVadis network since 2018. If you don't know much about EcoVadis and how it can help your sustainability journey, or are just interested in our EcoVadis journey so far, read on...


Why did we sign up?

We were originally asked by prospective customers to submit to EcoVadis, as they wanted to ensure we aligned to their own company values and are likeminded in future plans around sustainable development. For many companies, it’s imperative to see that their partners are synchronised when it comes to CSR.

While we may have initially been nudged to sign up to EcoVadis by other companies, we’ve actually found it to be a powerful tool to drive our own targets and improvements. We’re always on the lookout for standards and accreditations that steer and challenge us rather than just ticking boxes, and we feel this has the scope to do that. Each year we’re improving our score, so are continuously making progress.

We’ve shared our scorecard more than ever in 2022, as many companies signed up to EcoVadis themselves and want to get an in-depth look into how we are doing across the four areas of sustainable development that EcoVadis tracks.


“While sustainability is a personal passion of mine, I’m lucky to be backed by a board that fully supports Jigsaw24’s net zero carbon mission, and to work with colleagues who are as committed as I am to seeing the climate crisis reversed. We’ve seen fantastic initiatives driven by colleagues at every level of the company. I couldn’t be prouder to work with such a committed and passionate group of people, and am excited to achieve our environmental goals together.” Roger Whittle, Founder and CEO.


“Throughout our history Jigsaw24 has always been a caring, compassionate company. We have always taken great pride in how our business supports its employees, engages with our partners and plays a positive role in the communities that we work in.” Louise Goldsworthy, Head of Social Responsibilities (ESG).


What does it cover?

EcoVadis Ratings are determined by submitting an evidence-based questionnaire that is then evaluated by their experts. The questions are adapted to more than 200 industry categories, 160 countries and also depend on company size. They cover four sustainability themes: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.


“Working with EcoVadis is a great way to strengthen our processes and determine what our next steps are to accomplish our sustainability goals, as well as opening up opportunities for new business. I would recommend any company to sign up too.” Jemma Cameron-Stuart, Security & Compliance Officer.


Where are we?

Our achievements with EcoVadis have earned us the appreciation of many other companies signed up to their charter, including some heavy-hitters in the tech market. It has also improved our partnership opportunities by positioning ourselves as a green alternative to our competitors.

As of June 2022, we obtained a score higher than 67/100 and, for this achievement, we were awarded the Gold EcoVadis Medal. This result places our company among the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis. EcoVadis scores over 100,000 companies across more than 175 countries, so it’s fair to say we’re really pleased with our ongoing progress!


“Being a successful business isn’t just about commercial results. We’re passionate about doing things ethically, both for our customers and ourselves.” Roland Boyer-Blanchard, Head of Sustainability.


“Jigsaw24 provides all the support needed to keep improving in the health and safety field, as well as constantly finding new ways to make our facilities greener and more accessible. From our renewable energy policy to our recycling initiatives, it’s great to work for a business with this level of attention to detail when it comes to their offices.” Karolina Le Tu, Facilities Manager.


What are our plans for the future?

Our rating isn’t a one-off thing – we want to make sure we continue to improve and stay on the top percent. We know this will be tough, but we’re committed to our goal to improve our score from year to year, not just maintain it. Let’s see what we intend to do across the four areas that EcoVadis measures:


·      Environment – we’ve completed the task of measuring all relevant aspects of our carbon emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in recent months. Part of this journey has been to formally set a carbon reduction ambition that aligns with the Science-Based Targets Initiative, and also take part in the annual Carbon Disclosure Project survey to assess our performance. This connects to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action, where we hope to to continuously drive improvements and future new initiatives.

·      Ethics – we’re doing well in this area and are currently focusing on this as part of another one our UN goals, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. For the future, we’ll be exploring what internal documentation would be beneficial to publish to influence change.

·      Sustainable procurement – we’ve recently updated our sustainable procurement policy and will be we will be working with our suppliers and partners to continue ensuring that sustainability is a key consideration in all procurement and portfolio decisions.

·      Labour and Human Rights – this is an important area of focus for us moving forward. Although we are not typically working in an at-risk country, we will explore if and where it may help to widen our reporting around our labour and human rights policy.


You can read about our latest updates in our Social Impact Report. You can also check out the EcoVadis website to help your company along its sustainability journey. Alternatively, contact our team on the details below to request more information on our culture and values, and discover if we’re a good fit for a partnership.



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